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The Fund Management Centre is Link Fund Solutions' platform which enables investors to buy and sell shares in the LF Blue Whale Growth Fund online.

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Most investment platforms levy an administration charge for holding your funds, which is based on a percentage of your investment or a flat fee. Some platforms also impose a fund dealing charge which you pay when you buy or sell shares in a fund.

By investing in the LF Blue Whale Growth Fund directly through Link Fund Solutions there are no platform fees or fund dealing charges to pay.

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What our investors say...

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“Thank you for the update and to you and your team for your efforts in generating a positive return for my investment during this particularly challenging period.” Nick Armitage
21 Jul 2020
What Our Investors Say Icon
“Congratulations Stephen to you & your team on your AAA rating. Look forward to more growth from your fund” John Morley
02 Jul 2020
What Our Investors Say Icon
"Almost a year for me with BW. Adding monthly. The choppy waters this year have been well navigated." @HelenJanella
31 May 2020
What Our Investors Say Icon
“Thanks for providing clear and detailed answers for each question. I really enjoyed watching them and have learned a lot from them. Moreover it further reinforced my already strong conviction in your fund and your investment philosophy.” Yasir Khan
07 May 2020
What Our Investors Say Icon
“Family and friends and me are very pleased with Blue Whale performance. So thanks to you and the team." Tony & Brenda Jordan
20 Mar 2020
What Our Investors Say Icon
“I much appreciate you taking the time to inform investors such as me and as a result, I assure you that I will leave my Blue Whale investment in your good hands and actually, I am now determined to top up my holding at intervals during the coming weeks.” Peter Adley
20 Mar 2020
What Our Investors Say Icon
“I am only a recent small investor. The ride may be bumpy but I am with you all the way as I trust you implicitly.” David Wilkinson
19 Mar 2020
What Our Investors Say Icon
“I just wanted to thank you personally for the manner that you have carried out your duties to your investors. I'm currently entrusting a large amount of my monthly investments in Blue Whale and am very happy to do so.” Ieuan Edwards
14 Feb 2020
What Our Investors Say Icon
"The current economic and political backdrop indicates that a nimble Global fund would be an investor’s preferred choice. Blue Whale Growth Fund fits the bill; I will be increasing my holding." Peter Hargreaves, Chairman Blue Whale Capital LLP
10 Sep 2019

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Stephen Yiu and Peter Hargreaves, answer questions from investors as the Fund celebrates its 4th anniversary, hosted by Merryn Somerset Webb.

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