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Actively Achieving Alpha

Truly active managers

Blue Whale Capital is an Asset Management company based in London, backed by investor Peter Hargreaves.  We are focused on delivering superior investment performance at reasonable costs.  The flagship LF Blue Whale Growth Fund is a global growth fund for active investors looking for global exposure in their portfolios.  The fund offers investors exposure to US and UK markets and is run by fund manager Stephen Yiu.

LF Blue Whale Growth Fund – Actually Active Asset Management

A small number of high quality global growth companies in which the partners invest their own money form the LF Blue Whale Growth Fund.  Here at Blue Whale Capital we believe a concentrated, high conviction portfolio of between 25-35 stocks allows our team to focus their research on those companies that not only offer great prospects when considering their fundamentals but also represent good value at the point at which we purchase them.

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Blue Whale In The News

The Guardian

“Of all the people who ever worked at Hargreaves Lansdown, I never met anyone who was so industrious and talented at the same time.” Peter Hargreaves reflects on the talent of the LF Blue Whale Global Fund Manager, Stephen Yiu.


Billionaire Hargreaves Lansdown founder Peter Hargreaves is launching a fund management business – and wants newbie investors to take the plunge…

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