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Price Data

Share Class ISIN OCF Price
I Class Acc USD IE000P1MRXW3 1.21% 6.9079
I Class Acc EUR IE000KEYKTB6 1.21% 7.4161
I Class Acc GBP IE000ORJ3BP1 1.21% 7.5438
T Class Acc USD IE00BJM0B639 1.46% 8.4653
T Class Acc EUR IE00BJM0B852 1.46% 9.2318
T Class Acc GBP IE00BJM0BB81 1.46% 8.5470
R Class Acc USD IE00BJM0B746 1.96% 8.3862
R Class Acc EUR IE00BJM0B969 1.96% 9.1631
R Class Acc GBP IE00BJM0BC98 1.96% 8.4801

Prices as at 23 May 2022

Portfolio Information

Information on the Blue Whale Growth Fund including performance data, Top 10 holdings, geographical and sector breakdowns, and fund charges.

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Key Investor Information Documents (KIID)

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Other Regulatory Documents

These documents constitute the Prospectus for Blue Whale Investment Funds ICAV and the Supplement for the Blue Whale Growth Fund.

Application Forms

Your application (this “Application”) to invest in the ICAV should be made by sending this Application Form (the “Application Form”) to the details noted on the cover page. Link Fund Administrators (Ireland) Limited (the “Administrator”), acting on behalf of Blue Whale Investment Funds ICAV (the “ICAV”), must receive a completed Application Form for each initial subscription together with relevant Anti-Money Laundering documents. Where an application is made by email, a signed Application Form should be sent to with the original to follow.

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Costs and Charges

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Regulation on sustainability-related disclosures in the financial services sector (SFDR)

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