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What is the cheapest way of investing in the Blue Whale Growth Fund?.


To assess the cheapest way of investing in the Fund, you will need to take into account all the charges payable in respect of the investment.
At fund level, different fees are charged per share class. For example, R (Retail) class shares have an Annual Management Charge (AMC) of 1.0%, whereas I (Institutional) class shares have a lower AMC of 0.75%, but carry a minimum initial investment requirement of £10m. Full details of these costs and charges can be found in the "What fees do you charge" section of this FAQ.
In addition to the charges at fund level, you will also need to take into account any platform fees payable. Most investment platforms levy an administration charge for holding your funds, which is based on a percentage of your investment or a flat fee. Some platforms also impose a fund dealing charge which you pay when you buy or sell shares in a fund.
There are no platform fees or fund dealing charges to pay when investing in the Blue Whale Growth Fund directly through Link Asset Services. However, when assessing whether this is cheaper than investing through a platform, you would need to take into account which share class the platform offers. Some platforms offer their customers cheaper share classes, which would need to be offset against any platforms fees they charge when assessing the total cost.
Please note that Blue Whale is not permitted to advise investors on the most suitable manner of investing.  Investors should always consider the financial strength of service providers.






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