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Peter Hargreaves.


Since founding Hargreaves Lansdown in 1981, Peter Hargreaves has dedicated his career to improving the retail finance landscape.

This has taken many guises, from reducing the charges on financial products and making it easier to manage investments, to ensuring that the best investment opportunities are well researched and presented in an easily accessible manner to the investing public.

Blue Whale is in many ways an extension of this. As Chairman, Peter lends his considerable expertise to ensure the company puts the investor first, strives for significant outperformance of its peers, and allows other investors the ability to invest on the same terms as himself.

Ever the entrepreneur, Peter co-founded Blue Whale with Stephen Yiu as he felt there was something missing from the asset management industry. Despite a wealth of investment opportunities available, Blue Whale was chosen by Peter as it represents a vision for how Stephen and the whole team at Blue Whale feel investment management should be done.




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