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No Platform Fees

Most investment platforms levy an administration charge for holding your funds, which is based on a percentage of your investment or a flat fee. Some platforms also impose a fund dealing charge which you pay when you buy or sell shares in a fund.

By investing in the Blue Whale Growth Fund directly through Link Asset Services there are no platform fees or fund dealing charges to pay.

The Fund Management Centre is Link Asset Services' newly launched platform which enables investors to buy and sell shares in the Blue Whale Growth Fund online.

Submitting this form will redirect you to the Fund Management Centre to register and complete your order.


Link Fund Solutions (LF).





You may notice various references to Link Fund Solutions (LF) on the Blue Whale site.

Link Fund Solutions is the Authorised Corporate Director (ACD) or "operator" of LF Blue Whale Investment Funds.





Blue Whale Capital is the appointed Investment Manager of LF Blue Whale Investment Funds. 

All stock research and investment decisions are undertaken by the Blue Whale Investment Team.








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