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ISA allowance 2017/2018


Tax year ends midnight

5 April 2018

Invest from as little as

£100 lump sum




Why the LF Blue Whale Growth Fund

  • Focus on achieving index-beating returns
  • Our pick of the world’s best companies
  • Concentrated, high-conviction portfolio
  • FCA authorised fund
  • Unique, in-house research
  • New portfolio of our best ideas
  • Handpicked by Peter Hargreaves (founder of retail investment giant Hargreaves Lansdown) as an investment vehicle for more than £25,000,000 of his money


Our investment philosophy for the LF Blue Whale Growth fund is simple – we believe in achieving better-than-average returns through an investment in a few great companies.

We aim to achieve this by creating our own financial models of each company we consider for investment. By doing this, we can fully understand the companies in which we invest, giving us the confidence to invest in a meaningful way – usually in excess of 3% of the value of the fund.

This unique research means that we can see where there is the possibility for outsized returns, allowing us to get ahead of the market.

Unusually for the investment management industry, we make our research available to our investors so that they may be comfortable with, and better understand, our investment decisions. PayPal and Electronic Arts (EA) are two such examples.



Initial charge



Ongoing charge

0.92% (I class unit)

1.17% (R class unit)

Performance fee