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Investment Philosophy.


Our investment philosophy is simple – we believe that outsized investment returns for any stock are achieved when the market underestimates the long term growth potential of sales and earnings.

Our investment approach involves two steps: firstly finding companies who can grow over time and improve profitability and secondly, buying them at a good price.

Utilising our detailed bottom-up fundamental approach, we hope to invest in such stocks and be well positioned when the market starts to appreciate the growth we have already seen.

We are happy to take a different view to the market – indeed we prefer to do so on those stocks we like as this means there is greater potential upside to performance and, in turn could lead to outperformance of the benchmark.

Running a high-conviction portfolio of around 25-35 stocks allows us to provide real focus on those investments which we think will drive exceptional returns for investors. This will of course mean that if we get it wrong, the portfolio will suffer as a consequence. But our views are based on thorough analysis, and providing those views and analytical results are then vindicated, we hope to see significant long-term outperformance of the market.

We will also utilise top-down analysis (taking into account global economic and political developments) as a way of managing risk in the portfolio and exposure to certain sectors and geographies.







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