“Committed to delivering consistent significant outperformance for our investors”

Data as at
31 March 2021

The LF Blue Whale Growth Fund

Global portfolio of some of the best companies from around the world

High conviction investing

Employing the best of value and growth strategies

In-house proprietary research

Committed to delivering significant outperformance
To Date

2019 2018
Blue Whale1 -3.0% +26.4% +27.6% +8.6%
IA Global2 +3.4% +14.8% +22.1% -5.6%
Outperformance -6.4% +11.6% +5.5% +14.2%
+74.9% +17.0%
+42.8% +10.5%
+32.1% +6.5%

Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

1I class Acc shares, net of fees priced at midday UK time, source: Bloomberg. IA Global Sector average, source: Lipper. Performance data for period 11/09/2017 to 31/03/2021.

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